Library Haul Week Eighteen- 2015

IMG_0352Week Eighteen of 2015 bade farewell to April and ushered in the month of May. Finally we have apple and cherry blossom gracing trees that had been naked for too long. Daffodils are blooming along with tulips and every morning we awaken to sweet birdsong. The days are long and the sunsets glorious. May is my birthday month. This year I received a set of glorious Faber Castell polychromos colored pencils. I can’t wait to experiment with them.

With the new set of colored pencils in mind it seemed a good idea to request Ann Swan’s book on creating Botanical portraits with colored pencils. The book has several tutorials for creating very realistic botanical illustrations and the tools and colors needed to replicate them. I am finding it an interesting read.

Next on the reading list is Mary J. Macleod’s book ‘Call the Nurse’. The book tells of an English family’s migration to a Scottish Hebridean island. The exact identity of the island is not disclosed but it could be one of the following islands forming the Outer Hebrides. I could be wrong.


Mary J. Macleod’s family fulfilled their dream of living on this Hebridean island and moved there in the early 1970’s. Macleod earned her living as the island’s nurse. The book tells of encounters with the island’s many inhabitants, their unique way of living, the isolation and beauty of the island and the challenges of living in such remoteness. It is nice to read a book that describes a place that I would love to visit. I am still in two minds about the writing style but of course the story is a unique one and worth reading.

For Little M, this week’s library haul brought to her the pleasures of Jim Henson’s inimitable Fraggle Rock. I watched this series as a child and I just adore it. The puppets are marvelous but the best feature of the shows is the music.

Lastly we are playing catch up with Downton Abbey Season 5. This drama continues to entertain us. Dame Maggie Smith- the dowager is the crowning glory of the show but the various plots and sub plots also hold great interest. From a historical perspective this show is a joy to watch too witnessing the collapse of the English aristocracy and the blurring of class barriers.

I will leave you this week with a recap of some of my journalling efforts from the Month of April. Have you read or watched something interesting recently. Do share!


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