Week 22, 2015 in Photos: A Library Haul, A Picnic and Toe-Dipping in the Pool

Can you believe that we are already into week 22 of this year? My art journal is getting really thick now. I’ve been really good this month and have been making daily entries. This week, for a change I thought I would post my week in photos. Of course it includes and starts with the obligatory library haul.

Week 22 Library Haul: Brave Irene (cute illustrations), Grantchester (cute vicar), Bobbsey Twins (cute children's story with old-age charm).

Week 22 Library Haul: Brave Irene (cute illustrations), Grantchester (cute vicar), Bobbsey Twins (cute children’s story with old-age charm).

Second Picnic of the Summer in our favorite spot in the Park.

My picnic ‘must-haves’- a good book, my art supplies and art journal in the tigmod folio case along with some music.


My first attempt at painting outside.


Painting outside with a limited palette is harder than I thought.


Oh and I nearly forgot to mention the most important aspect of the picnic!- the food. Eats included a brie, ham and green apple sandwich with mustard! Yum.


The park has a small farm. This is a miniature horse. How sweet is he/she?

IMG_0978 IMG_0989

Some expectant sheep and aloof roosters.


The days are long and the sky puts on a spectacular show each evening.


The rhododendrons are blooming…


…or have bloomed.


We dipped our toes in the community pool because its too cold to swim yet.


I’ve been trying to finish the third novella in this book called-‘When the Green Woods Laugh’.


This is the beautiful poem in the frontispiece of the book.


…and I made a little poem of my own that I posted on Instagram @bagfullofbooks)

“She opened the door and tossed away the key,

Then she headed for the flowers, like a dainty honey-bee.”

Have a wonderful week friends!

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