The Thoughtful Holiday Gift List for the Booklovers in Your Life

For the Mystery Lover

For the Relaxation Seeker

For the Picture Book Lover

For the Movie Lover

For the Older Child

For the Childlike Adventure Seeker

For the Poirot Lover

For the Poetry Lover

For the Literarature Lover

For the Romantic Escapist

For the Charming Vintage Romance Novel Lover

For the Classics Lover

For the Person Who Has Little Time to Read

For the Music Lover

For the Anne of Green Gables Fan

For Yourself

Or If You Prefer Something More Contemporary

7 thoughts on “The Thoughtful Holiday Gift List for the Booklovers in Your Life

  1. Hi Arpita,

    Stumbled upon your profile on Goodreads through Nupur and then followed to your website. I am always looking for good book recommendations and simply love this post. Added a few to my library shelf as well. Thanks again and Happy holidays.



    • Hello Siri,
      Welcome to my blog. Thank you so much for following. I hope I can inspire you with a few recommendations and that they bring you as much pleasure as they bring me. Happy holidays to you too!


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  4. What a fun list! “The Santa Klaus Murder” is a particularly intriguing one to me which I haven’t heard of before. I just looked it up on Goodreads and the story seems as great as the cover (which is gorgeous). Thanks for the list! ❤

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    • This was a fun country house mystery. I liked it but didn’t love the book. I would recommend Mystery in White from the same book series; although not the best mystery , this one has a terrific wintertime/holiday atmosphere.

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